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16 June 2020

Althea-Marie Edwards-Pennant

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Senior Associates of The International Ballet School, Stockholm taking class with Director, Gina Tse

Nothing has challenged the ballet world like Covid-19, at least not in living memory. In a matter of weeks dance studios and theatres shut down over night.

Teachers were forced to think and act quickly in order to come up with solutions so that their dancers could continue to train. In Stockholm, The International Ballet School made the decision to stop all classes and switch to online, overnight. Classes were done via zoom with the code being sent out the night before, it worked but created alot of extra admin for the school and the teachers had no way of knowing who would be showing up for class beforehand. An easier solution was needed, so a bespoke platform was built that allowed students to book into their classes and receive a unique zoom link via email. 

There were of course teething problems, but this led to a new development, the school now maintains a video archive of all classes accessible only to students and the creation of Digital B.

It has been inspiring to see how the ballet-teaching world has adapted so readily and with relative ease to the challenge posed. Never before has it been so easy to take a class with a world famous ballet dancer. 

Here are a few options for online training.

Holistic Ballet 

Kathryn Morgan


English National Ballet at Home

Progresssing Ballet Technique

Claudia Dean 

The challenge of online training was felt especially by the students in their final years of the pre-professional program at The International Ballet School. Hear some of their thoughts on the pros and cons of online ballet training. 

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